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Speaker and Presenter

As a high school teacher with 17 years of classroom experience, speaking, presenting and motivating unmotivated, uninterested people is my specialty.  Getting people engaged, holding their interest, breaking down the steps to understanding, keeping it fun, and most of all making sure people do not realize they are learning is key to getting messages across.  Marry that with humour, personal stories, practical applications, and positive messages ensures that people walk away wanting more.


I am a versatile speaker and presenter and offer a vast array of titles and topics, from Usurp the Intellectual Bully to Chasing Euphoria.  Ultimately my goal is to help people enhance their self-worth, make positive change and give people the tools to do so.

a fresh outlook on life

A list of titles and topics is available under Services - Workshops, Seminars & Presentations.  Please note that this is a sampling of potential subjects.  Contact me and I will personalize and customize the presentation to meet your goals.

journey to understand compassion

“Compassion Fatigue is characterized by deep physical and emotional exhaustion and a pronounced change in the helper’s ability to feel empathy for their patients, their loved ones and their co-workers. It is marked by increased cynicism at work and a loss of enjoyment of our career.  It can eventually turn into depression, secondary traumatic stress and stress-related illnesses.”  (The Compassion Fatigue Workbook by Françoise Mathieu, page 9)




The flood that struck Minden and forced my daughters and I out of our home in the spring of 2013, pushed the feelings of burnout I was experiencing as a teacher into compassion fatigue.  Since then it has been a difficult beautiful struggle and inner journey to understand compassion fatigue and its causes.  In November of 2013, I will take the training in Compassion Fatigue in order to educate employers and employees on the devastating realities of compassion fatigue and what we can do individually and together to make change and prevent more people from needlessly suffering this mental illness.


Please contact me for details on how I can help your organization.

Compassion Fatigue

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a true mentor & guide walks the walk

Life Coach, Guide & Mentor


The journey of self-discovery and self-love is arduous and joyous all in one breath.  Trying to live an authentic life and make changes in an increasingly disconnected world; trying to live your passions and dreams despite all the people who tell you otherwise; trying to make critical and monumental life changes like leaving a partner or changing a job are all are made easier with a Coach, Guide and Mentor by your side.  A Coach to support who you are and validate the valuable changes you are making. A Guide to listen and offer the encouragement and guidance needed on your journey.  A Mentor to offer suggestions, a shoulder to cry on, and most importantly a safe place to feel as one navigates the treacherous waters of our memories and buried emotions that keep us from seeing the beauty of who we truly are.


A true Coach, Guide and Mentor walks the walk.  A true Coach, Guide and Mentor navigates their own personal waters of fears and vulnerabilities in order to feel, experience and live as authentically as possible every day.  I have consciously spent the past seven years of my life journeying to my core, experiencing and embracing my deepest fears, and making difficult changes in the pursuit of inner joy.


Contact me and we can chart your course together.