• for teens / youth

    Giving teens the tools to build Self-Worth, Self-Compassion, Self-Love, and Self-Care.


    The most effective way to battle the bully, peer pressure and unhealthy relationships is for the person to love who they are from the inside out.



    Sample Questions:


    How do you want people to feel when they hear your name?


    How do your actions support how you want people to feel?



  • for parents

    Giving parents the tools to listen, to communicate and to grow with their teens.


    The most effective way to support teens, and yourself, through difficult times is to listen without judgment and reaction, to communicate with suggestions not criticisms, and to grow as a person with each connection with your teen



    Supportive Responses

    vs. Shutdown Responses:


    That’s an interesting perspective.

    Why do you feel that way?


    I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous!  How can you possibly think that?!  What’s wrong with you?


  • for teachers

    Giving teachers the tools to battle the very real experiences of burnout and compassion fatigue© in an ever changing, increasingly demanding profession.


    The most effective way to maintain classroom management is to focus on your inner joy and happiness.  A happy teacher makes for a happy classroom.  Within the perpetual quest for joy, the teacher models for the students the greatest learning gift of all – inner peace.


    Sample Topics:


    Self-Reflection practices and modeling same for students.


    Being Vulnerable in the classroom as learning gift for students as we learn together to explore inner joy and changes we must make daily.


  • in the meantime

    Given the increasing demands on all people, especially our children, education is at the top of the criticism list.  We all know things need to change, that the educational system is broken, yet we feel powerless to do anything about it.


    It is time to stop complaining and criticizing and take small steps to make change.  Complaining reinforces the problems.  Shifts in attitude, action and word choice create possibilities.


    A Small Step:

    When engaging in conversation regarding education, or anything for that matter, begin with positives, state complaint, and follow up with viable solutions and what you, personally, are doing to create positive change.


creative solutions . . . a positive working environment

soft skills instructor

utilize your education . . . achieve a dream

It is the ability to get along with others, to show compassion, to have consideration for others, to handle problems diplomatically, to express oneself calmly and with integrity, to creatively solve problems, to listen, to respond positively, to bring a positive attitude to the workplace that will get you hired over everyone else with your qualifications.


Anyone can be trained to complete technical tasks.  In fact, nearly everyone in the working world has some form of degree or diploma or certification; however, having a degree or diploma does not mean you are an easy person to work with, that you understand teamwork and collaboration, that you are a compassionate leader versus an intellectual bully.


As an educator, it was the soft skills that I felt most valuable; therefore, my lessons revolved around the soft skills versus the technical elements.  Through an exploration of self, you will learn your soft skill strengths; you will learn about your emotional triggers that derail your calm compassionate responses; and you will develop your own toolbox of practical, creative solutions and responses to promote a positive personal and working environment.


Private and group sessions available in English and in Spanish.  Contact me for details.

home schooling / tutoring

Sometimes we need a break from the classroom.  Sometimes we need to follow an alternative path.  Sometimes our passions don’t fit in the stereotypical box.  Sometimes we need a different perspective and different tools to build our self-worth and our self-compassion in order to make positive change in the world.


Technically trained in English, Spanish and ESL, with 17 years of experience teaching in secondary schools, I bring my passion for self-love, self-reflection and positive change to all of my lessons.  I am interested in helping and challenging students to ask the difficult questions, explore who they are, discover their passions and most importantly, find ways to live their bliss and face their fears.  My goal is to empower people to live their joys, make positive social change, and utilize their education in order to achieve their dreams.


Private and group sessions available in English and in Spanish.  Contact me for details.




Ms. Mitchell is by far my favourite teacher of all the years I have been in school.  She has made me like drama more, and inspired me to take it longer, probably until grade 12!  She has given me a better insight to the world of the [noticeably] “disabled”.  The only thing wrong with her is that she doesn’t teach grade 10 drama!


Ms. Mitchell, we’ve had our up and downs, but you are a wicked teacher.


Ms. Mitchell, this has been a wicked year!  I have never had so much fun.  When I’m having a bad day your great attitude cheered me up.  You always have fresh, fun and new ideas.  You are one wicked teacher and I love you for it!


Drip. Drip. Drip.  Sitting at my desk watching the rain fall down.  The lights turned off.  It’s amazingly beautiful and relaxing, especially for a Friday morning.  I have one of the most awesome teachers who lets us be who we are.  Everyone loves her.  She lets our creativity go.  It’s the most awesome way to learn.  She has structure, but not too much; everyone wants to be her student.  She actually trusts us, is open and open-minded.  No one wants to rebel.  We’re all happy.  We’re all learning.