March 31st

Well ladies and gentleman, I have to admit that for the past two weeks I have sat every morning in my writing place looking out the window with the intention of writing this blog and I am still at a loss for what I want to write about!!! Which of course I find very interesting, because it’s not like I have a shortage of things that I want to say, nor a shortage of things I am thinking about, I simply feel without a focus.

So I practiced honouring that feeling and I didn’t force my writing, which was a interesting head space battle as my ingrained work work work brain went head to head with my new Inner Cheerleader and supporter. My Inner Cheerleader said it is better to sit and wait for the right topic to come. That this is an exercise in learning patience, in slowing down, in listening to your heart. All words that felt good, but sent my brain a reeling. On a couple of occasions my brain even tried to write a blog, but to no avail as the words didn’t flow.

So here I sit, two Mondays later, still experiencing the same only this time I’m giving myself permission to write about it. I’m giving myself permission to admit that even writers drift in and out of the flow of words. I’m giving myself permission to admit that despite my intention of writing every week, that by not doing so does not make me a failure. I’m giving myself permission to continue to live by my theory of doing what I want because I want to, not because I have to. And writing a blog is a want to do not a have to do.

Finally, I am giving myself permission to honour that the creative process does not follow working rules imposed by humans. The creative process requires time in front of the window staring at the diving ducks and watching the snow melt, or fall. The creative process requires patience and faith. The creative process goes against the flow of work work work work work, because you can’t force creativity. You can’t “goal” set creativity. You can’t “persevere through” creativity. You have to honour creativity.

So on this beautiful last day of March, I honour creativity and the creative process. Like this spring, it will surely come. I simply need to exercise patience and faith. And that is easier written than done.

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