Freedom 45

Never in my wildest imaginings would I have believed I’d be experiencing Freedom 45 on my 45th birthday. Yet here I am, 45 today, living a prediction I carelessly threw out to the Universe some 10 years ago boasting Freedom 45 versus Freedom 55. Admittedly, at that time, I actually meant financial freedom at 45 where I’d be living the life of a writer with a bucket full of money invested that was paying my way as my words graced the pages for all to read.

At the moment half of that prediction is true. I am living the life of a writer and my words are gracing the internet for all to read. I am living the life of a writer and working on the second draft of chapter 5 “Accepting the Inner Dandelion” in my book The Beauty of Disaster which I optimistically hope to have published by late spring of this year.

I am living the life of a writer presenting her book material to others. I delivered my first presentation to a lovely audience and group of writers – the Reading Writing Connection last Wednesday at the Haliburton Library and I will be delivering part two of the presentation this Wednesday at the Minden Library at 11:30 (it is open to the public so feel free to stop by, do some fun writing exercises and meet you inner dandelion☺).

I am living the life of a presenter and motivator as I apply to conferences with the hopes of securing workshops and delivering my positive message to others. I am creating opportunities and working with like-minded people as we try to forge ahead, merge talents and discover ways to live our passions. I am applying to positions that use my skills as an educator in the hopes of providing personal growth opportunities to write cutting-edge curriculum that opens people to the endless possibilities that are out there if only we believe.

If only we believe in who we are. If only we believe in living our passions. If only we believe that it is all possible. If only we believe in ourselves enough to take a running jump off the proverbial cliff and take a chance on freedom.

Freedom 45 I have come to realize is the feeling that you are free to choose. Free to forge your own path as opposed to following the ones laid out by others. Free to go in the opposite direction. Free to spin in circles. Free to be.

And what is so ironic is exactly how difficult that statement “free to be” is to live. We are so trapped by our programming of what it is to be. To be means you must be something – a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a waitress, a wife, a husband, a mom, a dad – all with prescribed mannerisms and outlined behaviours. What I have discovered to this point in my life is that I had been walking and acting with preconceived notions of what I was supposed to be doing, how I was supposed to be acting, how I was supposed to be feeling. What I discovered was that I didn’t like what I was doing, I didn’t like the perception of how I was supposed to act, and neither made me feel like the pictures I saw in media or what I was taught in school.

I honestly thought that freedom meant to have a lot of money. How much? That figure changed and grew as I aged, from enough to travel the world to enough to pay off the house to enough to pay off the house and retirement to enough to live free of debt and have a 6 figure income coming in off investments so that I could do what my heart desires.

To wake up and realize on my 45th birthday, that Freedom 45 does not mean financial security. It means to take a chance, to live my heart’s desires, to challenge my programming and create my own. It means to do exactly what I am doing. To carve out what it means to write, to motivate, to create life-work harmony. To give myself permission to not have all of the answers to the “what about” questions. To have faith in my talents and skills. To feel the abundance of my life and what will come in this 2014 year. To be my own champion and march to the beat of my own drum. It means that I am alive and I am free to be – me. Here’s to jumping off the cliff and freedom!!

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One Response to Freedom 45

  1. Kelvin Mann says:

    Freedom? 1. a being free 2. a civil or political liberty [freedom of speech] 3. exemption from a specified obligation, discomfort, etc. 4.a being able to act, use, move, etc. without hindrance. 5. ease of movement; facility. 6. frankness. These are the definitions of freedom.

    I guess you could say I am Freedom 50 or will be in April. I have chosen to live by my own set of rules and moral values. As long as I contribute to society in a meaning full way and live my life without bringing hardship to others what else really matters.

    If only we believe, such a strong statement, however unfortunately it is much more difficult than that. We can believe in ourselves, we can believe in living our passions, but until we are actually allowed to believe, we are trapped in a world where others decide how we are to behave, who we are and how much we have to pay for that privilege.

    It wasn’t until I realized I was trapped in this system of do as I say not as I do, and pushed off the cliff rather than choosing to jump off, did this become clear to me. Just like happiness, money can’t buy freedom. So it was after that life changing push off the cliff, I decided that this is my life and I will live it for me and those close to me. I have no credit, I have no debt, (other than my monthly payments) I work for what I have and I do my best to help others. Will I face hardship? yes, might I face jail time for not conforming to the rules of society? perhaps. But in the end no matter what, I will have lived my life for me and those less fortunate, not for others, and maybe just maybe somewhere along the way others will take notice and decide that it is time to silence the bullies of the world and take the power away from them and give it back to the people that make the world a better place. Welcome to my Freedom 50 and here’s to dancing to the beat of your own drum.

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