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The Rewards of Vulnerability

Every time you take a chance, face a fear, question an old belief, and put yourself in a position of vulnerability you reap the greatest reward ever – the feeling of freedom and authentically living who you are. And if … Continue reading

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Reconnecting and Vulnerability

Last Thursday and Friday I was gifted with an opportunity to get reconnected to my business, Sweet Perspectives, and to my dream of being a presenter and motivational speaker. What I find interesting, as I ponder over this concept of … Continue reading

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Feeling Summer

Summer. A time of joy and sunshine. A time to rejuvenate and flourish. A time to experience and grow into those thought provoking inner changes that surfaced in the cold of winter. One of those surfaced changes for me was … Continue reading

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Kindness. The quality of being caring, friendly, and generous. A kind act. According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, that is the definition of kindness. I believe that kindness is at the heart of loving oneself, of making people happy … Continue reading

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