the beauty of disaster


The most beautiful thing about disaster is that it forces people to face their inner fears and external fears.  It forces change when people do not want to change but need to change.  It forces people to face the bully of their childhood days.  It forces people to leave the bitching at the kitchen table and move into action.  It forces people to question their belief systems and structures; to jettison debilitating thoughts and feelings that held them back and put new ones in place; or to appreciate the foundation one has and reinforce it.  It forces people to feel, to experience, to wake up from their status quo lives.  It forces people to search, to find, to discover, to be.  It forces people to live again; to appreciate the simpler things in life.  It forces people to put into perspective what they truly want out of life, and since everything they know is gone, it forces people to connect, to love, to unearth their passions, and to move forward with freedom, purpose and peace.


Disaster provides opportunity to make changes one would not ordinarily make in their lives.  It provides opportunity to change the areas that frustrate; to change the things that cause resentment and complaint.  The opportunity to connect with people you would not have otherwise met and create new possibilities.  The opportunity to strip away the superficial and banal and forge meaningful exchanges and relationships with family and friends, neighbours and community.  Disaster offers the opportunity to deeply feel pain and joy, guilt and gratitude, anger and love, fear and freedom; to release the debilitating emotions and thoughts and craft positive energy and perspectives.  Through disaster people learn to communicate with clarity and to listen with compassion.


The beauty of disaster is the ability to turn your life around, to re-write the pages of pain and write the story you’ve always dreamed your life to be.  Sounds beautiful, because it is.  Sounds painful, because it is.  Sounds like hard work, because it is.  Sounds worth it, because it is.  Because the alternative is to remain broken, remain resentful, remain angry, remain bitter, remain forever, the victim.


The second disaster of my life and the inspiration for this book began on April 19, 2013.  There were warning signs to my impending disaster, but that is the date that the actual waters started rising.