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cynthia mitchell, B.A., B. Ed.

I admit it.  I am obsessed with self-reflection and journal writing.  I am obsessed with charting my journey to inner joy and peace.  I am obsessed with meaningful connections.  I am compassionate to a fault.  I am passionate about facing my fears and following my bliss.  I love silence.  I embrace change.  I am an extremely good listener.  I help people love who they are from the inside out.  I live my beliefs.


I believe that if we love who we are, we spread love and joy versus guilt and shame.  I believe that if we value ourselves and each other and make meaningful connections we live healthier lives, have healthier relationships, and ultimately treat each other and the planet with care and respect.  I believe in leading by example.  I believe in growth.  I believe in change.


I am a caring, compassionate teacher.  I specialize in making connections with students, in helping students believe in who they are.  I also teach English, Spanish, Native Studies, and Drama.  Before becoming a high school teacher, I lived in Madrid, Spain for 3 years where I taught English as a Second Language and completed a Diploma of Spanish Studies at the University of Madrid.  My 17 years as high school teacher brought me to three diverse areas of Ontario:  Moosonee, Thunder Bay and Haliburton.  In the spring of 2013 change came knocking on my door when I was evacuated from my home because the Gull River of Minden flooded.

Cynthia Mitchell

After 17 years as a compassionate, caring teacher, I was feeling the deep effects of burnout.  The flood was my tipping point into compassion fatigue.  As a believer in signs and a believer in change, I felt it was time to practice what I teach, to follow your bliss you have to face your fears.  My bliss is to write, to motivate, to inspire change, to assist people to believe in themselves and live their inner joy.  One of my fears is to leave financial security to write, to motivate, to inspire.  But I believe in leading by example and I believe in me.  So here I am.


Everything I offer, from education to writing to motivational talks, seminars, and personal sessions focus on how to value yourself, your relationships, your environment, and how to make the difficult choices and changes required to live a more joyous life.  I act as a personal Guide as you move through the difficult life changes you face.  I provide positive perspectives, food for thought, practical tools, reassurances and support as you embark on the journey to personal freedom, self-worth and joy.


To get a sense of the impact I have on people, to get a sense of the impact

I can have on you, please read some of the following letters, written by the

most honest age group, young people between the ages of 14 and 17.



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